His Forever

August 28, 2012

A song of worship the Lord gave me yesterday:

Jesus is… my Blessed King.
Full of splendor, You are.
Mighty God, the Prince of Peace,
Take me in You arms of love.

My Song, O Lord, You are,
My Rest, my Fortress, My High Tower.
My Comforter amid the stormy blast,
My Delight, my Strength, my Crown forever.

Always in Your loving care, O Lord,
I want to stay and hear Your voice,
Ever listening to You… and doing what you say,
Lord, for I love You and Your Word.

Lord God Almighty,
You are the One I need,
Please be near, O God, my Savior King.

Lord God Almighty,
You are the One I seek,
For You are the Treasure beyond all comprehension.

Glorious… compassionate… reigning in Your majesty.
Yet You stoop to come to me,
And whispering of Your love,
I hear I am redeemed.

Thank you… thank you…
Thank you… thank you…
Because of this… I want to say,
Lord, I am Yours forever…

Hallelujah… thank you…

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