August 25, 2012

When we are waiting for God to fulfill a promise He has made to us, or when we are waiting for His instructions concerning a certain matter, or when we are waiting for Him to bring us the right job, spouse, or home, or when we are living with any kind of uncertainty, we should wait with calm and cheerful patience. We should not wait with inactivity, however, but instead be doing whatever good our hand finds to do. Is there a task God has already given us to do in the meantime? Then we should do it with all our strength as unto Him and take delight in the present –even if we are encountering great trials, and even as we continue to anticipate what God will lead us to do in the future.

Many people seem so obsessed with wondering about their futures that they can’t enjoy their present season; they can’t enjoy the moment they are in right then. Instead of appreciating a beautiful scene they’re passing, or instead of enjoying a lovely person in front of them, many people will be lost in thought, or worries, or texting as they make plans for next week. The future is so on their minds that they can’t stop and enjoy each moment.

Besides this, many people seem to think it’s okay to just sit back and wait for God to make His will known or make the promise or the miracle come about. No, there are almost always steps we ourselves must take –studying, going, making efforts… If we have done all we can, and there’s nothing more to do about it, then instead of flopping down onto the sofa and turning into a potato, we need to look about us, take note of others’ needs, and meet those needs. Does someone need a friend? Then befriend him. Take him regularly to a coffee shop, the library, a fishing hole… Does someone need a ride to the grocery store? Then take her. Do you have a vegetable garden? Then bring the lonely neighbor a basket of freshly picked home-growns with a Scripture verse on a friendly notecard.

The best thing to do while we’re waiting on God is to seek to love both Him and others fervently. And the way we do this is to give of our time and our energy –to worship God and to learn His Word, and to shine out Christ in every way possible, enjoying the present to the full.

And later? –When the Lord has brought our futures into our present? Well, we will look back on that past –the season through which we waited patiently, trustingly, and obediently… the season through which we found numerous other blessings to take hold of… the season through which we learned valuable lessons and priceless insights that we now incorporate into our ministries… and we thank God over and over that we did not lay down in discouragement and wait with idleness. For what we did as we waited was actually what, in the long run, brought about the Lord’s will for our lives.

There’s no reason, then, to be at all discouraged or afraid, even if we’ve been waiting what seems a very long time.

with love,

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