The Agta

August 23, 2012

My dad sent me the below blogsite which someone sent him yesterday. It has gorgeous photos of scenery and of Agta people. I lived most of my life with the Agta, and we love them dearly. Over the last few years our group has been oppressed by Apeco, a company which is trying to steal their land. Some of the Agta’s houses have been burned, while the Agta have been forced to leave their property and denied their foraging rights and way of livelihood.

Here are the links to the very beautiful and colorful photos:

And here are some photos I have:

Me with three Agta friends

Me with friends & baby monkey

Me with friends

Me on horse, our house in background

Dad holding me, with Agta family

Dad & Agta man Beding, 1962

Dad working with Ayogyog, 1962

Mom holding Heneroso 1963

with love,

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