Comfort For Frightened Sheep

August 6, 2012

The majority of people, even those who claim the name of Christ, seem to take sin and disobedience to God lightly. For these types, strong preaching and strict warning is necessary. However, there are a few individuals who are so contrite and conscientious concerning sin that they become overly fearful or despairing when they hear the Truth. These people need encouragement and comfort from God’s Word concerning the Lord’s great compassion, mercy, and tenderness.

God is a forgiving God. He wants to forgive and extend mercy and help. He longs to hear the repentant cry of each lost or wandering sheep’s heart. He greatly desires to take the sheep into His arms, bind up its wounds, give it rest and care and love. But how can the Shepherd do this when He is also the Judge and must punish a wicked sheep for its rebellion toward Him and its cruelty toward other sheep? Even so, if this filthy sheep will, in genuine contrition, call out to the Shepherd for mercy and help, the Shepherd will certainly come and rescue it. He will wash the sheep clean and make it His treasured possession.

If the Lord will do this for even the most vile of sheep, should we doubt that He will have mercy on a person who is trying to obey Him, but who gets caught in a mess due mostly to things beyond her control? No, there is no need to doubt. For God, who is Love and Mercy, and who knows all things and why the situation is as it is, will certainly grant pardon for the mistakes, even sins, done in ignorance or carelessness. True, God may not deliver her from the consequences, but He will be right there with her, helping her, comforting her, counseling her, and changing the trials into blessings. God can do this for the one who asks, who trusts, who keeps calling out to Him, who quotes His Word back to Him, and who waits patiently for the deliverance.

Let us take courage then, concerning whatever misfortune threatens to overtake us, whatever anxiety is pulling at us to tear us down. God is there. He is there as our Warrior and Shepherd. And He will absolutely move mountains –our make them into roads– for any one of us who trusts Him completely.

with love,

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