Ask, “Could This Cause Sin?”

August 3, 2012

When we put our trust in Christ’s atoning sacrifice we have made a pledge to give ourselves wholly to God. We have pledged our body, mind, heart, conscience, attitudes, decisions, words, behaviors, etc. to God for His use, not ours. (1 Cor. 6:19,20 // 2 Cor. 5:15) He bought us with a high price and if we’ve asked to be in covenant with Him, then our obligation is to honor Him by our eager and complete obedience. If we look back after putting our hand to His plow, we’re not fit for service (nor for citizenship) in His Kingdom. (Luke 6:46 & 9:62)

Since this should certainly sober us, we should be making all of our decisions –the details of how we live and conduct ourselves– on whether or not God would consider us to be upholding our pledge to Him. This should include what we eat and drink, how we dress, where we go, how we spend our time, what we watch, the type of music we listen to, etc. Sometimes these things aren’t sinful in themselves, but if it physically harms God’s temple (our body) in any way, or if it offends another person or causes another to stumble, or if it could become a cause for sin, then it would be sinful to not eliminate it from our lifestyle.

Here are some examples:

1. A man goes every weekend to play golf with his buddies. Okay, that’s not sinful in itself. However, numerous sins could come of it. The man could be exposed to inappropriate conversations, or he could be neglecting time in God’s Word and with his family. The wife could then feel neglected, and to fill the lonely hours go out shopping too much or even fall into an affair. Besides this, the children are left with inattentive parents.

2. A church leader has a Bible Study in his home, but serves food and beer afterwards. Others decide that Christians are allowed to drink, and some of them indulge only to become alcoholics.

3. Women often wear tight-fitting clothes, but men, many who are struggling to resist pornography, have to still be tempted everywhere they go, even at church. They may become so weary of the struggle that they just give up and become totally addicted.

4. A pastor shows himself to be a glutton by his weight and his love for food, even though he often preaches about God’s abundant provision to overcome sin and walk holy. However, because of his gluttony, he discredits the message. As a result, some people fall away from the faith while others become gluttons themselves.

5. Church members smoke and display tattoos. Many view these as symbols of rebellion, while others join these practices and a sense of rebellion does grow within them. Not only this, but some people later develop lung cancer, and eventually so do their children who had copied their parents’ habit.

6. A Bible teacher uses the word “cra_” quite often, and understanding that this word means no different than the “sh” word, God’s Holy Word is not taken seriously –especially the numerous times it commands us not to use any unwholesome talk.

7. A father listens to country music with all its woeful tunes and low-life words; therefore his son doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to listen to his rap, heavy metal, or chaotic music. But both are kept from thinking on things that are pure, lovely, noble, and excellent (Phil. 4:8) and thus both stay far from hearing the Lord’s voice.

I could go on. But the point is made: Whatever we do that does, or even could, lead to sin for us or for anyone else, should be removed from being a part of our life. And if we have a washed and pure conscience, God will have a clear track by which to speak to us, and we will know what He is, or is not, allowing for us in all of life’s situations.

with love,

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