Deaf Hearts

July 31, 2012

How can people spend a lifetime going to church, even studying God’s Word, serving others in the name of the Lord, praying, fasting, etc., yet still not be abiding in the true doctrine of Christ? One reason is that, at forks in the road, they choose wrongly. They choose the world instead of holiness, they choose to please men instead of God, they choose self instead of Christ, they choose men’s teachings instead of the teachings of God’s Word, and they choose the easy way instead of the self-disciplined way.

Oh, a person won’t likely acknowledge, even to himself, that he’s choosing what’s wrong instead of what’s right, but this is because he has let the other voices drown out the Truth. While claiming to know Christ, he keeps shutting down the Spirit’s quiet voice so that he doesn’t have to throw off all the sin, worldliness, friends, habits, etc. that he has accustomed himself to. Besides this, all his “Christian” fellows are wandering in the muck as well, so if he ever does try to seek the narrow way, the fellows mock and hiss and insult him for being “self-righteous” and for thinking he knows a better way than they know. So with spirits of jealousy, they continually pull each other back from taking the high road.

But why are “Christians” thinking they are right in how they are acting? Again, it’s because they’ve dulled the ears of their hearts. They may hear the Truth, they may sit and listen to sermon after sermon, even understanding clearly that yes, they must strive to be holy, but it doesn’t affect their hearts. It can’t, for their hearts are too filled up with love for everything of the world, every desire of the sinful nature. As 1 John 2:15,16 say, the love of the world has crowded out love for God. As James 4:4 says, friendship with the world has made them enemies of God.

God is merciful. He sees that we are lost, stupid sheep. But He does not expect us to stay there in that mode. He gives us abundant provision by which to walk the narrow road, by which to hear His instructions, and by which to receive power to overcome. If we take the right way, He will enlighten us some more. If we take the wrong way, we are in danger of going deeper into the realm of the lie.

Of course, Satan, who has a lot to do with it, is cunning, and he uses his means of influence to keep the man blind and deaf. He’s studied what entices each particular person, and so he shoots blow after blow of that temptation toward the man until the man has become weary and discouraged in trying to fend it off. However, here again, the man has become deaf to understanding what his spiritual weapons are, for he is lukewarm in faith like those other “Christians” around him (who are of no help), and so he gives up and resorts to what he knows –continuation in sin while thinking he’s saved.

Even so, God, who loves and cares for the pathetic sheep, does send His interventions as well –love and Truth from His assigned ambassadors, revelations from the splendor of His creation, circumstances to get the man to wake up, and in his need, fervently seek Truth, and blows of judgement to try to persuade the man to unstop his ears, throw out the filth in his heart (repentance), and cry out to God to cure him.

The question is, will the man do these things? Or will he continue to keep his heart deaf, continue to make wrong choices at each fork, and continue walking further and further into the forest of deception until there is no turning back. –?

with love,

P.S. At my comment page yesterday I’ve written briefly about my own testimony in this regard.

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