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July 29, 2012

Calvinism seems to be the doctrine now coming from most of the pulpits which claim to be teaching Christianity. Its main premise is that God, being sovereign, has predestined all salvations and damnations, as well as all events –both good and evil ones– from eternity past. This teaching has been broken down into five main points and assigned the acronym of TULIP. (Read of TULIP’s points here: )

However, though God is certainly sovereign, Calvinists, in not understanding the meaning of God’s sovereignty, have forced themselves to limit His capabilities. For God, in being the ultimate Ruler, has given mankind free choice. He had the authority to give it, and He chose to do so. This gift was given in the Garden of Eden, and it is a gift God has not withheld from any of us. His Word makes it abundantly clear that He presents us with choices. This does not reduce God’s sovereignty, nor His unfathomable greatness, and we should thus praise Him all the more when we grasp this Truth. For how marvelous and mighty the Lord certainly is to have the ability to be in complete control of His universe in spite of multitudes who are constantly choosing to rebel against His laws and purposes.

When a Calvinist insists that God predestined (fated / decided before they were born) a person to go to Hell forever, and that God accomplishes this by deliberately withholding from that person any ability to look to Him in faith, ask that Calvinist about 2 Peter 3:9 which says that God does not will (wish / desire / purpose) for anyone to perish, but that they repent. If the Calvinist thinks that God’s will is always done, then ask him how this verse reconciles with the fact that many do not repent and do therefore go to Hell.

Then ask the Calvinist about Luke 7:28-30. These verses state that the people who heard Jesus’ words and had also submitted to John’s baptism –which, as Acts 19:4 reveals, was a baptism of repentance– admitted the justice of God’s demands. However, the Pharisees and “experts” in the law of God refused John’s baptism, and so “rejected God’s purpose for themselves.” (Luke 7:30) In other words, because they refused to repent, these men refused / thwarted / denied / rejected God’s will and plan for their lives. This was their choice. And God gives this same choice to everyone –to accept repentance and His will, or to refuse repentance and His will.

After this, ask the Calvinist about his interpretation of Jer. 7:31 where God rebukes the people for burning in the fire their sons and daughters in sacrifice and then says that this was “something I did not command nor did it enter My mind.” Ask the Calvinist how the people could commit acts that he believes God preordained yet which had also not entered God’s mind. Ask him how God could predetermine acts that He had never thought of.

Then ask the Calvinist about the previous verse –Jer. 7:30. For there God declares that the people did evil in His eyes by setting up detestable idols in His temple, thus defiling it. This was a defilement against God’s Name and Presence. Yet we are told by Calvinists to accept that, even though God was full of grief and anger over rebellion and wickedness (Ps. 78:40,41 // Isa. 63:10 // Ezek. 6:9 // Matt. 23:37), He nonetheless preordained, from eternity past, all vile behaviors. And if we ask why a holy and perfect God would do such a thing, the Calvinist will likely reply, “So that God will get more glory.”

Well, we shake our heads, incredulous. For Calvinists –those who admit to what their doctrine really does teach, are not only under a strong delusion, but are blaspheming God. They are spitting towards His beautiful, powerful, loving, merciful, and just character, as they attribute to God injustice, partiality, and evil acts and plans. –And all this against the One who does not ever commit, or decide upon doing, one ounce of injustice or evil. (Dt. 32:4) For whatever punishment a man may receive from God comes to him because God is a righteous Judge whose judgements are completely perfect (same verse // Ps. 7:11), and because God has therefore rendered unto the man what that man deserves according to the man’s deeds. (John 5:29 // Rom. 2:6) God judges this way because He is strong and loving (Ps. 62:12), and because He sovereignly watches and records all the words, thoughts, and deeds of all mankind. (Matt. 12:36,37 // Heb. 4:12,13 // Rev. 20:11-15) Moreover, God sees to it that His purposes march on, doing so through man’s free choices and His interventions, all which are in line with His perfect foreknowledge –while He lives outside of time, but works within it as well.

So why are many sermons and teachings of late sounding so strange and twisted? Because they are being influenced by an evil and false doctrine –a doctrine called “Calvinism”.

with love,

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