Unable To Step Into Wisdom

July 28, 2012

Is it not surprising to watch gifted and intelligent people make decisions that are obviously foolish, or see them accept ridiculous lines from con men? Truly, high intelligence and worldly skill or knowledge do not often seem to make a whole lot of difference. A doctor or an astronomer or a physicist, or an expert in some other area, can allow their emotions or sinful nature to rule over good judgement just as most anyone can. This is because understanding gained from worldly education does not equal true wisdom. (1 Cor. 1:20)

There is only one place where true wisdom is acquired. It is at the feet of Jesus. It is from meditating on the Word of God. And it is by putting into practice what He teaches there.

Does a person not spend time in the Lord’s presence –listening, learning, studying, and obeying in the power of the Spirit– because they love the Lord and want to please Him? Yes. But what initiates such desire and behavior? It comes from the fear of the Lord. God’s Word tells us this. Therefore, the man who fears the Lord has stepped into the beginning of wisdom. (Ps. 111:10 // Prov. 1:7) And once he enters there, he will walk, abide, and grow in wisdom, doing so within the Lord Himself –“within the Lord” meaning, being in the Word, walking in the Spirit, and abiding in the Vine.

When a man is in this holy place (–called “in Christ”), he will be following God’s precepts; and as he does so, he will have good understanding (Ps. 111:10), including that of understanding the fear of the Lord. (Prov. 2:5) Then from that will grow his knowledge of God. (same verse)

Why then do so many worldly-smart people often make poor choices? Why do they accept preposterous ideas, doctrines, philosophies, lifestyles, or statements? It is because they lack the knowledge of God. For it is only by knowing the Lord that anyone can achieve true wisdom so as to discern what is good and right and correct. However, wisdom is what they have not achieved, and it is precisely because they have not feared the Lord.

with love,

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