Warnings From The Caskets

July 26, 2012

Today several graves are being excavated. The coffins are being opened, their contents noted.

In these caskets lay the remains of mighty men –warriors and generals and kings, men of extreme wealth and fame, men who were glorious in their time. There are a few of women too –queens and princesses, some who were fought over, others who made history by some great act.

The dirt is scraped away from the first stone box… The lid is lifted… There, with a jeweled crown still resting on its skull, lays the skeleton of a once mighty general-emperor. An exquisite sword lays next to the bones, both weapon and master resting forever in a bed of gold coins.

Another coffin’s lid is lifted… Inside is the skeleton of a queen who was considered the most beautiful woman in all the land, the richest, even the wisest, the most elegant, and one to whom many nations were subject. A jeweled crown rests on that lifeless skull as well, and a gold necklace, studded with sapphires and rubies and worth millions, rests across the crumbling bones.

Now here are some other caskets… These have been brought to the lab from another place. The first lid is opened and in it lies the skeleton of one who was labeled in modern times, “Richest Man in America”.

Another coffin lid is raised. This one reveals the skeleton of a woman who, across her rib cage, are two giant plagues. One states, “Teacher of the Year”, the other, “Mrs. America”.

Yet another lid is raised. Who is this? The examiners stare. They start to tremble. What are they seeing? Everyone is curious… so we tiptoe over… We peek over their shoulders. We wish we’d not done so. Yes, we see piles of money, we see awards we’d won, we see magazine clippings about our extra-ordinary accomplishments, we see keys to mansions we’d purchased with the wealth accumulated through our deceitful schemes… We suck in our breath. Can that skeleton really resemble each one of us? Is that decaying flesh really similar to what our mirrors show us…?

Shaken, we all quickly exit. Emerging into the bright and cheery sunshine, we sigh with relief. Realizing it must have been a dream, the bustling, ordinary street reminds us of the huge party being thrown in our honor tonight. Then looking down at our missed calls, we smile, feeling smugly popular.

Glancing up at the sky-scrapper several blocks away, we inwardly smile again about the big window office we now have there. We’d best get back. But, as we turn to step out from the curb, the echo of a warning yell reaches our ears too late.

Kinda strange… but, drifting off… the faint voice of our grand-mother is heard. Indeed, she’s reading to us the parable of the rich, greedy fool who kept hoarding more and more as he praised his easy life, until those words from God came to him, “You fool! This very night your life will be demanded of you. Then who will get what you have stored up for yourself?” (Luke 12:20) Within the squeal of sirens, we continue, vaguely, hearing the steady reading, though now it is Jesus’ words in Mark 8:36: “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” However, the meaning of the verse seems fuzzy right now… too deep to try to comprehend when one’s head is swirling… when it feels hard to breathe…

with love,

P.S. Sorry for the creepy story, but death is wretched, decay isn’t pretty, and eternal death and imprisonment in a dark pit full of demons –forever– is definitely going to be worse than creepy. See, history reveals that there really was a man named Jesus, that He taught a lot of things, that He did miracles, that He died on a cross, that the tomb was found empty, and that He did warn about sin and Hell over and over and over. So, if someone doesn’t yet believe His words, it might be good to do some honest research about Him, about the Scriptures, and about the undeniable fact that the supernatural (the spiritual) does exist. And that since it does, there is a God, there is a Judge who expects obedience to the Royal Law of Love, and there is a Final Judgement.

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