You’re Not Listening

July 24, 2012

God is warning that the time is ripe for His people to be smashed. (Amos 6:11 & 8:1-3 & 9:1 // 1 Peter 4:17) Why is the church not listening? It is because they are ever hearing but can’t perceive. (Acts 28:26) Their ears are closed for their hearts have become thoroughly calloused through sinning (v. 27) –through prostitution and hatred toward their God. (James 4:4) They seethe with anger against anyone who tells them to throw away their idolatries and live lives which continuously please the Lord.

Jesus says in John 8:42 that those who belong to God are those who love Him, and in John 14:15 that these are those who obey Him. This means to obey His commands. (1 John 5:3) Are most people who go to church obeying God / Christ / the Word of God? We all know very well that most are doing nothing of the sort, and many behave even worse than unbelievers.

The Lord rebukes those who can’t hear what He’s saying (John 8:43), revealing that they can’t hear because they are of their father, the devil. (v. 44) 1 John 3:8 reprimands those who sin for being of the devil, while verse 10 confirms this by calling all who do not do what is right the devil’s children.

Of course the children of the devil cannot hear what God says.

But, can those who belong to Christ hear what God says? Of course they can. Jesus says that His sheep listen to His voice, know Him, and follow Him. (John 10:27) So many aren’t following Him (daily or yearly) because they don’t truly know Him. And they don’t know Him because they aren’t listening to Him. They are filling their ears instead with the world’s voice, so that the Spirit’s voice, which can only be heard (usually) by quieting one’s spirit and then seeking Him fervently and whole-heartedly in the Word, is completely drowned out. Then, these same people, even while saying that Christ-followers do hear His voice, insist they could not be hearing His voice. But of course, double-speak abounds.

Well, true Christ-followers do hear God’s voice. We hear Him daily, loud and clear. This is because we are obeying Him and we are daily meditating on His Word, listening intently with washed hearts, and resting in His Presence patiently. Whatever of the world would pull us back and take time away from Him, we’ve renounced it. Therefore, we hear what He’s saying.

And what is He saying? Is He really promising Jer. 29:11 which so many are quoting? Not to most, He’s not. Not to those who hold onto their pet sins, even while they sing praise songs to Him in the assembly. No, of them He is saying, “I will fix My eyes upon them for evil and not for good.” (Amos 9:4) For the basket of tasteless (wicked) fruit is ripe for harvest, for shaking, for judgement. (v. 9) They will be shaken as if in a sieve, though not one who truly belongs to Christ will fall. (same verse) But, “All the sinners among My people will die… all who say, ‘Calamity will not overtake nor confront us.'” (v. 10)

Afterwards though, God will restore the remnant to peace and healing, so that this remnant, among all the nations that bear His name, may seek the Lord with all their hearts. (v. 11,12 // Rom. 15:9-12) With pure hearts. With hearts that listen, obey, love the Lord, and know Him intimately.

with love,

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