Go Out & Cry, “Come Back Home…”

July 23, 2012

Though I am very sad about the worldliness, sin, and denial of Christ’s power which I see throughout our society, even in the church (who should be abounding in the opposite), like I’ve said before, I do still often go to church. The Lord leads me to go to various churches for many reasons. Yesterday a friend invited me to her church to hear her husband and five others give their reports about their mission trip to China which they’d just come back from. The reports were indeed exciting as they told of how the Lord led them to meet up with those whom He’d prepared for them to meet.

One of these people was a little old grandmother, who, after hearing the Gospel, said simply, “Yes, I believe.” She accepted Christ, encouraged the rest of her family there to do so also, they did, and then she said, “It’s going to be hard, but we can do it.” For yes, is it not hard to be a Christ-follower in a land whose government says it’s illegal?!

The team of six, plus the missionary who was taking them around, had taken pictures of them with this family, so the next day when they went back to give them the printed-out photos, here the little grandmother had called many more family members to come from other cities, had already evangelized them, and they too had come to Christ overnight! So, from that one grandmother, about 17 others gave their lives over to the Lord! Now, if an infant in Christ can do that in one night, can the rest of us not do that in one lifetime?! We can, for the power of the Holy Spirit is available and ready –if we would just go forth and open our mouths! He promises to give us His own words! (Ps. 81:10 // Matt. 10:19,20)

Besides this, think of the fact that many of us do not even have to deal with government officials all around saying we can’t share the Good News, nor do we have a cultural or language barrier. This particular group, besides the missionary with them who translated, also had some technology devices which gave the Gospel in Mandarin, and they asked questions from that; but how much easier is Gospel proclamation for the rest of us who, even so, may often refuse to take the opportunities?!

Below is the link to a sobering song which the team used in their presentation yesterday, only they’d put in their own photos of them with the precious Chinese people they’d met. It was beautiful.

As you watch and listen to this video, please listen to, and read, each word, for the lyrics should certainly motivate us to go out to the highways and byways and plead with them to come into Christ’s beautiful Kingdom of Life and Peace and Righteousness and Joy. Why should they stay out there in the darkness when there is a Kingdom of Light to live in, one which has a kind and compassionate King?

As I listened to the words about compelling the lost to come back home… come back home… I think of a dear bus driver who I’ve known over the years who, whenever she sees me, honks her Dart bus at the stop so that I’ll run and give her my Scripture message for that day. I always ask how her daughter is doing, and over the last year she’s begged me to pray, saying, “She’s out in the world and I don’t know where she is.” What grief so many must hold in their hearts, even as those of us who are in-dwelt with the Mighty Spirit of God could just fall on our faces and weep before the King that He send out more of His ambassadors to find the lost and bring them home. –Or that He might give even us the propulsion to be the ones to go out looking!

For the world is indeed in a state of emergency. Even though so many don’t even acknowledge it.

with love,

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