Work Patiently Until God Himself Brings About The Vision

July 19, 2012

If God’s Word tells us to remain dedicated to the work the Lord has assigned to us (whether we look successful or not), what is it many of us need in order to do this well? It’s patience. For patience is enduring faith, and since work done void of faith is not only sin (Rom. 14:23) but can’t last, faith must not only be present, it must continue –so that fruit is produced and the reward can be inherited. Therefore, patience is necessary.

Unfortunately though, what many try to do is to run ahead of God’s timing. Yes, they’ve heard the promise and seen the vision, but they get impatient. This leads to worry and doubt (lack of faith) as they think that God, in taking too long, has maybe forgotten; and so they decide they must help Him out. In their fretting they use their own reasoning, and thereby try to manipulate people and circumstances to fit the vision. But of course this never works. Because it’s not God’s way. His way is for us to wait, to advance in the present tasks He’s assigned, to remain faithfully listening to His Word and Spirit, and to wait some more. It’s not for us to try to figure out how to make the promise come about. For when someone does that, it can mess things up terribly.

A classic example of this is when Abraham and Sarah tried to hurry things up in receiving the promise of a son. God’s promise was given years earlier, and yet still, at age 85, Abram (Abraham) had no son. So, Sarai (Sarah) gave her maid, Hagar, to her husband, Hagar conceived, and at 86 years old, Abraham finally had a son –Ishmael. (Gen. 16:16) But, as we know, this son was not the son of the promise, and he, in fact, became a source of contention to the true son of promise. How often strife comes in when people act presumptuously and don’t wait for God! If God has made a promise, then we are to leave the responsibility for the fulfillment of that promise in His hands.

We see that a similar thing happened in Moses’ life. Through faith, he felt the call of God to suffer disgrace along with the Israelites rather than enjoy the pleasures of being the son of Pharaoh’s daughter (Heb. 11:24-26), yet his zeal to deliver his people was misplaced, immature, and untimely. Thus he killed an Egyptian (Ex. 2:12) and had to flee Egypt to live in a foreign land. (v. 15) It wasn’t until after 40 years that God finally commanded Moses to rise up, go to Egypt, and be the vessel through which God would lead his people to deliverance.

Prov. 3:5,6 tell us not to trust our own reasonings, but to put our entire trust only in the Lord. Ps. 127:1 tells us that a home is built, and a city is protected, only if the Lord is the One building and protecting. Otherwise the efforts are useless. However, if we are remaining faithful to what the Lord has truly assigned us to, then no matter what attacks come our way, we can know that this labor of ours is not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58), for we work as unto the Lord Himself (Col. 3:23) who will indeed reward them who obey with the patient endurance (Rev. 3:10) of true faith. (Heb. 11:6)

Therefore, let us not become discouraged in serving the Lord’s interests, for, if we do not give up, we will, in the Lord’s perfect timing, certainly produce a beautiful crop (Gal. 6:9) and walk triumphantly into the vision God revealed to us so long ago.

with love,

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