July 18, 2012

You who brag about your Christianity, do you dishonor Christ? “How would we do that?” some might ask. You do it by disobeying Christ’s commands. (Matt. 24:48-51) You do it by calling Him “Lord”, yet not doing what He says to do. (Luke 6:46) You do it by pretending to worship God while your hearts, far from Him (Mark 7:6), wander to lust after the world. (James 4:4 // 1 John 2:15-17) You do it by breaking God’s laws of righteousness and love. (Rom. 2:23)

Oh, yes, there are countless “Christians”, as well as other so-called “moral” people, who look down on those who commit adultery, those who malign others, those who use deceit to enrich themselves… yet all the while are doing similar –or even the same– things! But, blind to their own depravity, they disdain those whom they feel wronged by, even while they get enjoyment in watching, or even joining, friends who cheat and lie, speak perversely, and commit immorality. Somehow, if the wrong is done against them, they call it evil. But if the wrong is done by them, they view it as slick, or smart, or funny, or fun.

This is shameful enough behavior for non-believers, but for those who claim to follow Christ, it is downright blasphemy toward God. “As it is written: ‘God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles [the world] because of you.'” (Rom. 2:24) –Because you who instruct others using God’s Word… you who preach against sin… you who declare yourselves teachers of the Gospel… you who are convinced you are a guide to the blind and a light for those in the dark… you who brag about your relationship to God… (see v. 17-22) –you sin as well! Furthermore, you think your sin is small, is excused, is covered, is forgiven –though you won’t stop– and thus you dishonor God to the extreme.

God says, “All day long My name is constantly blasphemed.” (Ps. 52:5) By who? –It is by those who profess His name, yet by their sin, which includes mixing falsehoods into the Truth, actually despise Him, His Word, His ways, and the true Gospel.

Look at what God said to Eli in 1 Sam. 2:30. He said that although He had promised that Eli’s house would minister before Him forever, that promise was now negated. A promise from God negated? Yes. Don’t think then, that His promise to us concerning salvation can’t be negated. It can. For the New Covenant is just that –a covenant. And if we break our end of the agreement –to follow and obey– then God does not hold Himself to a broken contract (covenant / agreement).

Why did God negate His promise to Eli? It was because Eli, though warned about his wicked sons who were blaspheming God while serving as priests (1 Sam. 2:12-17,22-25), failed to restrain them. (v. 29 & 3:13) And God went so far as to declare that the guilt of their house would never be atoned for. (3:14)

It is no light thing to serve before God in the presence of others and yet flaunt sin, either publicly, or secretly, or to tolerate others’ sins. For God sees it all, and offerings / service / worship given to Him from a sinning heart is not only contemptible to Him, but He deems it as a degradation to His holy name. It is a breaking of the Third Commandment, and it, if not repented of thoroughly, will cause the blasphemer to reap God’s wrath.

So, you who brag about your love and service to God for the sake of His name and Gospel, do you, as do those you preach against, also continue with your pet sins? If so, you have not allowed the Lord to show Himself holy through you, and you have thus profaned the name of our God. (Ezek. 36:22,23)

with love,

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