Climbing Alone With Our Guide

July 15, 2012

I’ve been communicating recently with some others regarding the bewilderment and pain which stems from the loneliness we experience as we climb higher in our walk of holiness. Not many want to make the climb, for it is indeed full of jagged rocks, steep cliffs, strain, risk, and solitude. Each climber, though usually within earshot of others (–some who encourage, others who discourage), must make the ascent using his own muscle, grip, will, self-control, and determination. If we advance, yes, we are given the Spirit’s power for these, but it is we who must continue to choose to advance. And the progression does take strenuous effort. It takes listening intently for the voice of our invisible Guide, which, for the most part, comes to us by our frequent searching through The Book of Truth we are to keep strapped to our belt. It also takes obeying His voice even when we think we should make a very different kind of move. And it takes loving and adoring this Helper, waiting on Him with patient trust, even when we don’t hear a thing and are left clinging to the cliff’s side with no other instruction except, “Wait.”

But are there many others making this climb? There are not. There are not because the doctrine that touts itself as “Christianity” says that the climb is optional. However, for those who choose not to climb, their end is destruction. They will fall from the Goal, and they will be dashed to pieces.

Israeliteindeed, being obviously led by God’s Spirit, has once again addressed an issue some others of us have been discussing regarding the unpopular climb of holiness. So I will again encourage my readers to visit there and read the latest two posts:

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Below are three excerpts from those two excellent, sobering, and vital-to-read posts. Here is the link:

with love,

This is because in many of today’s apostate religious circles, the greatest sin is to stop sinning, and the surest sign of your salvation is your willingness to admit that you never stop sinning. It is both ironic and heartbreaking to see people embracing such strong delusion because they have pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thess 2:11-12) and do not want to repent.
But I remind you, before this son received the mercy of his father, he left his pig pen, traveled home, confessed his sin, and was willing to be a servant (obedient). This is a great example of repentance. There are many today trying to bring the pig pen (life of sin) home with them, and refusing to serve the Lord when they get there. It doesn’t work. Unless you repent you will perish, as Jesus taught.
Repentance then is more than a mental process. It begins in the mind with believing God’s warnings of judgment, it progresses in the mind to a decision to leave the life of sin behind and offer to be a servant of God from this point on, and it continues on until good behavior is produced like fruit is produced on a tree.
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