Knowing God’s Word = Knowing God = Salvation

July 11, 2012

Who among us wants to be saved from an eternity without God? Everyone in their right mind wants this salvation, we’d think. But does it come easily? Contrary to what modern “Christianity” teaches, it does not. It takes striving, it takes effort, it takes discipline, it takes pressing through, it takes running, it takes training ourselves in godliness, it takes knowing the Scriptures and soaking in its power and its Life, it takes participating according to the rule of the Spirit, it takes obedience to Christ’s words (the Word of God), it takes death to Self, and it takes knowing God through Christ.* All of this comes from a turn from the dominion of evil and sin to a walk in the opposite direction within the Kingdom of God.

The effort, the search, and the obedience is actually what leads to a knowledge of the Word of God (who is also Christ Jesus –John 1:1,14 & Rev. 19:13). For in taking the effort to obey and search, we are led to the Word, the place to seek revelation of Truth, to eat Christ’s body, and to be filled up with the power of the Spirit –all by which we are enabled to put God’s Word to practice. When we do this, God is pleased, and He rewards us with more knowledge of Himself. But for the one who does not put His Word to practice, the Lord hides Himself, and if that person does not repent, he has shown himself to have disowned Christ, and Christ will disown him. (2 Tim. 2:12 w/ Matt. 10:33 & Titus 1:16)

So if, besides needing to obey the Gospel so as to be saved from damnation (2 Thes. 1:8,9), it is also true that we must know God (same verses) and be personally known by Him (Matt. 25:12), wouldn’t it be wise of us to make fervent effort to accomplish this? Yes, most definitely. Therefore, we must get to know the Word of God –which is able to make us wise unto salvation (2 Tim. 3:15)– so that we might know God Himself (for they are one and the same), and we must obey His words so that He will know us as His own. (Matt. 12:50 // John 8:31,35)

One place we see this Truth is in the third chapter of 1 Samuel. Even though Samuel did hear God’s voice calling to him, he did not recognize that it was God. He had not yet tuned his ear to know God’s voice. It is certainly note-worthy, though, to read in verse 7, “Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, and the word of the LORD had not yet been revealed to him.” It is doubly note-worthy when we see that verse 21 says that the LORD continued to appear at Shiloh, revealing Himself to Samuel there, doing so “through His word.” Matched with verse 7 which mentions Samuel not yet knowing the LORD, we are being told that Samuel came to know the Lord through the word of the Lord. In view of this, how then can anyone think that in our day –when we have the Scripture, the entire Word of God– that it is not there where God has chosen to reveal Himself to us (Heb. 1:1,2), so that we can come to know His voice, and thus know Him? And so that on that Last Day He will acknowledge each of us before His Father and the holy angels (Matt. 10:32 // Luke 9:26) –as being His servant, His child, and His intimate friend?

Therefore, I say again: KNOW GOD’S WORD. Know Him intimately.

with love,
*Luke 9:23,24 // John 6:53-63 // Acts 14:22 // Rom. 8:9 // 1 Cor. 9:24-27 // Phil. 3:12-14 // 1 Tim. 4:7 // 2 Tim. 2:5 & 3:15 // 2 Peter 3:14 // 1 John 2:3 // etc.

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