What Do Most Seek First?

July 7, 2012

Here is a verse that many people really do take to heart and apply to their lives: “But seek first all things you need, and then God’s Kingdom and righteousness will be added to you.”

Yea, well, that verse is not found in God’s Word, but it’s certainly found in the lifestyles of most people. Is it not apparent that most people adhere to such a doctrine by how they prioritize their lives? Most people seem to be continually seeking more money, better jobs, increased fitness, newer spouses, more fame, recognition, admiration, power, and control, extended vacations, more pleasure, increased knowledge, and/or all sorts of other things they think will make them prestigious, secure, and happy. But aside from the fact that the pursuit eventually leaves them with a hollow soul, a hardened heart, and a family in chaos and ruin, these people find that righteousness, as well as participation in God’s Kingdom, actually slides ever further from their grasp. But they don’t care. Not enough, at least, to turn and repent. So on they continue down the road marked, “Wide & Easy”. (Matt. 7:13,14) And by the time they lay on their deathbeds, they have so spiritually degenerated themselves, that they often don’t even realize that their worldly, selfish pursuits gained them nothing lasting, and are thus worthless to their eternally damned soul.

But for those who read, study, and apply the Word of God, Matt. 6:33 becomes a true and living promise: “But seek ye first the Kingdom and the righteousness of Him, and these things all shall be added to you.” (Interlinear Greek-English) For in taking God’s Word to heart so as to fervently and diligently seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness, they are rewarded by having all they need added to them by their Heavenly Father –He who cares tenderly for each one of His children who has continued to cast their daily cares to Him.

with love,

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