Decreed To End In A Pond

June 29, 2012

There once lived on this earth a man… a cruel man… a man abusive to his wife. His wife, still beautiful 15 years ago when I first met her at church, tried to figure out how to stop the abuse… tried to figure out how to leave him… tried to figure out how to appease him, be firm with him, love him, be kind to him, get along with him. But, of course, as is the case with those who love wickedness, strife, and cruelty, peace in the home could never be attained. For the man didn’t want it. He wanted his way… he wanted to keep his control, his anger, his lies… going… And, because he would threaten worse things should she leave him, like taking their son away from her, she refused to chance the possibility that his threats were not just bluffs. So she stayed, and she stayed, looking more and more haggard every time I saw her.

Periodically, this wife would go to the church elders… She was crying out in desperation… but all the men just told her the same thing: “Be more submissive.” Every time I heard of this, I cringed and shook my head in disbelief at the gross naivety…

I saw this man at church pretty often… wondered what went on in his spirit between him and God… Sometimes I wished I could say something… but these strongholds are complex, usually permanent… except for God’s miracles… which, yes, do happen… Truly this man sat under plenty of excellent sermons, and had plenty of chances to repent.

This man’s wife and I have a mutual friend. This friend called me 7:01 p.m. last night, asking me if I’d heard about _____’s husband. –That yesterday morning his 18-wheeler had run off the highway, went across a field, and submerged itself –and its driver– in a pond. The funeral is Monday.

This man’s body was found at 7:00 a.m. However, my friend told me that the coroner stated his death actually happened at approximately 2:00 a.m.

Weird… and sad… –to think that the pale horse of death came for my friend’s husband just an hour and a half after I’d sent my last post… It makes me wonder, “Was I hearing the horse’s hooves galloping toward him?”

Only the Lord knows all whom the horse was coming for. And who is still about to meet it.

with love,

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