Stand Firm In Your Faith

June 4, 2012

Many of God’s people quote the Eph. 6:11 verse about putting on the full armor of God. This is a very good thing to remind each other about, for the armor is our weaponry against the schemes of the devil. (same verse) It is Satan who we are in reality warring against. (v. 12) If someone is being evil or sinful or is having doubt or fear, all this is instigated by the father of murder and lies (John 8:44), and the person has bowed their will and desires to his. (same verse // 1 John 3:8,10) They serve him, and thus they are against all who stand for Truth and righteousness.

Our response? It should be to stand firm in faith in the Lord (Phil. 4:1) for this is how we remain “strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” (Eph. 6:10) If we put on all the pieces of armor we have at our disposal –those being Truth, righteousness, readiness, alertness, faith, salvation, God’s Spirit in the Word, and Spirit-led prayer in our mouths (v. 14-18)– then we will stand our ground. (v. 13) We will be overcomers by our faith (1 John 5:4) in Him –He who is the Mightiest Being and who has also come to dwell in us! (4:4) With His power at work within us (Eph. 3:20), then “we are more than conquerors” (Rom. 8:37), for “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (v. 31) God is for those who walk in His will. (Ps. 84:11 & 147:11) Therefore, the evil one cannot touch us. (1 John 5:18)

God warns in Isa. 7:9, “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” What does He mean? How do we apply this warning to our own faith? We apply it the same way Ahaz was to apply it: To not fear the enemy, but to instead take courage and remain calm. (v. 4) This can be difficult when we see the enemy coming at us, when the roar of the waves becomes deafening, when we feel the weight of uncertainty, when we are left alone on the hill –lifting our Banner high as if we’ve already won. (Ex. 17:8-16) But what commands us to do this? Faith! For by it we stand! (2 Cor. 5:7)

However, sometimes we forget the importance of standing firm. We’ve taken the hill, we’ve driven the stake of victory in the ground, we’ve left sin, we’ve killed fear… but then the enemy, who prowls around watching for us to drop a piece of our armor (1 Peter 5:8) by our lack of self-control or our lack of vigilance (same verse), moves in to devour. (same verse) He doesn’t always do this the way we may expect –horns and fangs. He often does it so very subtly –using soothing words and promises of peace and ease. But the wise soldier knows the enemy wants only our destruction (John 10:10); therefore we resist him by standing firm in the faith. (1 Peter 5:9) This we do by holding the ground already conquered, which, in turn, we do as we hold faithfully to our Commander and Shepherd who gives us life –good and abundant. (John 10:4,5,10)

Then, in the end, when all our assigned battles have been fought with courage and obedience, we will say as did Paul, “The time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:6b,7) Then we will know that what awaits us is “the crown of righteousness” (v. 8 ), to be awarded to us by the righteous Judge (same verse) as we receive “a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 1:11)

with love,

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