Beautiful Words

September 30, 2011

I have recently been meditating on certain words. They are words that sound so beautiful, so soothing, so full of comfort… even bliss… And why do these words sound so lovely? Because of the meaning behind them. Here are a few that might make any of us want to close our eyes and sigh with contentment:

~~~ Rest

~~~ Peace

~~~ Tranquility

~~~ Quietness

~~~ Safety

~~~ Security

~~~ Comfort

~~~ Provision

~~~ Protection

~~~ Courage

~~~ Perseverance

~~~ Victory

~~~ Joy

~~~ Beauty

~~~ Softness

~~~ Gentleness

~~~ Tenderness

~~~ Love

~~~ Friend

~~~ Companion

~~~ Life

~~~ Health

~~~ Truth

I could go on, as there are many calming words we could meditate upon. But aren’t these beautiful… and relaxing to think upon… like gentle waves of hope washing across one’s soul?

The wonderful thing, too, about all these words, is that they describe a reality of abiding with, within, and under the shadow of, a Person. That Person is God… through Jesus… by being in the Spirit’s presence… He dwelling within us…

Each one of these words… plus more… describe a supernatural existence… experience… that is indescribable. And it radiates from our Creator, Shepherd, God. Which word best captures this blessed state of being? I’m sure our past experiences, especially our hardships and traumas, would cause us all to choose differently from the next person; but I think I’d choose “Rest”. –That’s why I listed it first. Because, I guess, if I have “Rest”, then I’m already victorious, for there is no strife or war… stress or worry… in my life. If I have “Rest”, then I would, by implication, be experiencing the following eight which I listed. If I have “Rest”, then I must be in good health, otherwise aches and suffering would cause rest to elude me. If I have “Rest”, then my soul must have found Him who I so long for, and the companionship, friendship, and love would certainly also be mine. –As well as “Life” and “Truth” and “Joy”! I could go on some more with my reasons here too, but suffice to say, –yes, I choose “Rest”.

What do you choose? Ponder each one… Or maybe you have another beautiful word…?

with love,

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