Compassion Toward An Armadillo

September 26, 2011

Today I was sitting by the living room window while talking on the phone and I saw our white dog investigating something. It was a cute little armadillo. Afraid that our other dog would see it and try to kill it (because she seems to like to kill anything that moves on four legs that she is not friends with), I got off the phone and went out to see if somehow I could get this dillo to move on toward the woods. Well, all he did was bury his little snout into a shallow hole he’d dug and make a few weird grunts.

I tried to talk quietly and sweetly to the little guy, but he was apparently too scared to move. I then decided he might be looking for water (since we’re still in a drought and the ponds are all dried up), so I fetched one of the dog’s water dishes and offered Dillo some water. With strength I didn’t know he had, he swung his tail at me with force and turned to run. But the mesh fencing was right there and so he just froze again. Poor guy. He was frightened. So I left him alone with the water dish, came back inside the house, and watched from the window. Our white dog, realizing I didn’t seem to care, also left him and found a new place to doze. Thankfully, our “hunter” dog never did come out from wherever she’d been sleeping.

Remembering the other armadillo I wrote about which our dog had killed, I prayed for this little guy’s life to be spared. I prayed that he’d leave and get safely away. The Lord answered. Dillo soon waddled away and I watched him until he was out of sight beneath a far-away fallen tree. But… here’s my point in telling of this episode:

As I watched the (basically) helpless creature waddle away, I felt the Lord’s loving compassion for the foolish little guy. I said, “Oh, Lord, thank you. You care about every one of the creatures You’ve made.” Then I thought of the wicked men who have defamed God by their repulsive doctrines of Calvinism. How they teach that God wants to create human souls only for the purpose of displaying His glory, His sovereignty over all, and His cause of hatred against sin –as well as (supposedly) against all who are depraved in sin. I thought, “What if I went out there and started hitting that little dillo with a stick, saying, “You are foolish and depraved! And because you tried to angrily whack me with your tail, I’m going to torture you with my wrath forever!” Oh, did these thoughts ever make me want to weep –weep concerning the horrible and slanderous doctrines men have invented to defame our tender-hearted God!

Calvinists do teach this cruelty of God. They teach that God deliberately withholds salvation (salvation from an eternity of damnation) from billions; and that He does so in order to use them as His examples for what just punishment for sin brings.

Friends, please speak out against Calvinism. It is a false and evil belief system, and while insisting they are proclaiming Truth from God’s Word, they instead vilify and blaspheme our most gracious and loving God (Ps. 145:8) –He of whom verse 9 says, “The LORD is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made.”

Yes, God has compassion for, and loves people infinitely more than I could ever feel love and compassion toward an armadillo –a creature I would never purposefully inflict pain upon, even for a moment, let alone repeatedly for hours and hours and eons and eons.

with love,

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