Throw Out The Cult Of Calvinism

May 29, 2011

Earlier this week while out for lunch with someone, we had as our waiter a young man who said he’d been a missionary for two years. When he pulled out a card that said, “Elder _____”, I said, “Oh, a Mormon missionary.” We had a lovely conversation with him, and truly, I find Mormons to almost always be very likable individuals. However, I’ve also often found that if a Mormon has been a missionary, it is next to impossible to make a dent in convincing him that he has been misled and is not in Christ’s truth at all. A nominal Mormon can be persuaded, but aside from a miracle, one who has been thoroughly indoctrinated, cannot. For they seem literally brainwashed. Yet these people are often highly intelligent, have successful careers, and do know how to be cordial and winsome. In fact, our waiter said he planned to finish his college degree in another certain city and then run for mayor of that city. “To run for president of the U.S. is my future goal,” he said, and he was serious.

Well, I mention this because later during the week, I began to take note of how many times I heard John Calvin’s statements mentioned, either on the radio or in conversations. And I thought, how is this different from Mormonism which takes Joseph Smith’s teachings over the Bible? Why are “Christian” theologians who claim to be interpreters of Scripture often quoting John Calvin? And how is this much different from Mormons quoting Joseph Smith? Yes, the Mormons believe Smith received visions and divine tablets of instructions, etc., but “Christian” theologians claim that Calvin was writing the truth in his “Institutes” and in his other manuscripts and letters. But was he? Should Calvin really be quoted as if he is an authority on God and his Word? Who said he’s an authority? Is he to be quoted right up there with Paul, Peter, and Jesus? We quote Scripture when we quote the words of these three. But no one, including Calvin (or Smith), should be quoted as a pope-like authority on God’s Word –especially when it contradicts God’s Word!

Some people laugh to think that anyone would think Smith, who was merely a cunning scoundrel and polygamist, has anything to say of value. Yet many “Christians” think that Calvin, though he was a cruel tyrant who ordered people imprisoned or killed on account of their theological beliefs being different than his, has correctly interpreted Scripture for the rest of us! I find this preposterous! Yet our “Christian” theologians and preachers go on unashamedly exalting this man and referring to his writings as if we must believe what he wrote –just because it was John Calvin who penned it! Such people are apparently no less brainwashed than Mormons.

John Calvin was a man who was power-hungry and evil, one who defamed God by stating that God commands all men to repent yet withholds from most of them the ability to repent, and this so that He can receive more glory in sending them to Hell. Calvin also taught that God is the instigator of evil since He has predestined all events from eternity past. Yes, Calvin wrote some things that are true, just as Joseph Smith and other numerous false teachers down through the ages intertwine the false with the true. But of course! Do we actually think that Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44) who is behind it all (Eph. 6:12), would not make the poison look edible?

Let’s quit tolerating these quotes of Calvin’s as if they are Scripture. They are far from it. Calvin built his false TULIP religion on Augustine’s many false doctrines. The whole foundation is false, thus the whole concoction a sham. It pretends to be Christianity, but it is not. Those of us who know the Truth, who know the Word, who know God personally and closely, need to speak out against this false “Christian” religion. When a glass of pure water has been contaminated by even one drop of arsenic or feces, the whole glass must be thrown out. Calvin’s religion is not the Truth at all and it needs to be completely thrown out –all of it.

If we do not throw Calvinism’s teachings out, then we will reap eternal consequences for not having taken Jesus’ warning to heart: “Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matt. 15:13,14) And who were these blind guides Jesus was referring to? Were they the heathen who worshipped Zeus or Baal? No. Though these He would consider blind also, Jesus was referring to those who claimed to worship the Lord. “They worship Me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.” (v. 9 & Isa. 29:13) Jesus’ words “in vain” mean here that the teachings of men bring the worshipper no benefit whatsoever, certainly none that will bring him eternal life.

with love,

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