“I’m Allowed To Keep Sinning!”

February 25, 2011

As usual, I had an absolutely wonderful time today at the bus stops giving out the Gospel. It seems many have grown in the Lord over the years and there seems to be an increasing number of other evangelists out there. Fantastic! –for God’s Word and His Kingdom is always advancing! (Matt. 11:12)

There are truly so many people who are eager to get a bite of spiritual food, and almost everyone acts appreciative. However, there are a few who desire to be antagonistic, but I want to mention one guy who particularly grieved me. I’ll call him “Joe”. He acted annoyed at first, but then became quite friendly, though he kept laughing and saying, “Well, I’m just so glad I’m Catholic.” This was in response to my exhortation to him to walk righteously. And he kept saying things like, “Oh, I’m just having so much fun. I get to sin and sin and sin all week long and then I just go to church / God and ask for forgiveness. Then I’m okay to do it all over again.” Good grief. Most people aren’t this blatantly honest. Most people don’t have this much lack of shame. Most people who claim to believe in God at least say they are trying to live honorably. Or even if they aren’t, most people loathe to admit it.

The thing about Joe’s admission is that actually he is speaking for many OSAS “Christians” who have this same basic mentality. For out they go –to sin and sin– and then they go to church, ask God to be merciful concerning their rebellion (though they call it “issues”), and then go right back to gleefully partake of corruption.

I tried hard to reason with Joe with very loving concern. I tried to get him to see that no one –and most certainly not the all-knowing Holy God– would consider his Sunday confessions anything but disingenuous. And that to purposefully sin, and plan to sin, will only incur God’s wrath, not His mercy, at the Final Judgement. (Heb. 10:26-31) Sadly, Joe just kept saying, “Well, this is why I’m so glad I’m Catholic.” Huh? His reasoning did not even make sense. I told him that it doesn’t matter what we believe –for our belief is not what saves us– unless it is the Truth that we believe and then adhere to. He just kept laughing and shaking his head, disagreeing. Soon his bus came and away he went. I was very sad for him, but my sadness couldn’t stay because I realized that several people had been watching and listening in, and by what they then said to me, that the Truth had at least stirred their hearts.

Still, I can’t imagine how anyone could believe the way that Joe does. But so many do. It’s heart-breaking.

But… we do have hope. We can pray for these hardened hearts. We can pray that God will keep intervening, keep sending His message across their paths… keep wooing them by His Spirit and through His ambassadors.

For we can be assured that God wants no one to perish, but that all come to genuine, whole-hearted repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

with love,

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