Test Ourselves Continuously

February 23, 2011

Each one of us should ask ourselves several times a day one or more of these questions:

~~Am I walking in the Spirit right now? That is, have I –today, all day– been allowing the Spirit of God to control me? Am I obeying right now what He has been prompting me to do?

~~Am I following the commands of Christ right now?

~~Am I abiding in the Vine at this very moment… or have I detached myself from Him because of a sin I’m harboring?

~~Am I following Jesus and proving it by my obedience to His voice in my spirit? Can I even hear Him? –Because He does say that His sheep hear His voice. If I can’t hear His voice, why not?

~~Am I, in my heart and mind and lifestyle, clean and pleasing to God at this very moment, and have I been so all week and all month? If not, what have I done to eliminate those things which tempt me back toward sin?

~~Am I faithful to God, or have I committed spiritual adultery against Him this week? If so, have I wept over my sin and asked God to cleanse me with the priceless blood of Jesus that I again treated with contempt?

~~Have I obeyed Jesus’ words in Matt. 5:29 and “gouged out my eye” –not literally, but severed from myself the causes which tempt me to sin?

~~Have I –today– taken seriously Jesus’ words in Matt. 5:48 to be perfect as the Father is? Yes, that perfect?

Let’s use questions such as these to obey 2 Cor. 13:5 and continuously examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Do we pass? Or, do we fail this test? Failure means Christ is not in us, which means –unless we do some drastic changing– that we have no inheritance in the eternal Kingdom of God.

with love,

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