Do Everything As Unto The Lord

September 5, 2010

Col. 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” This is not just a command about work, as in a job or career, but it is about everything we do –even if it is to wash dishes, clean bathrooms, take a handicapped person shopping, or just give a listening, sympathetic ear. –Or if it is just to look into the face of another person, smile, and let our expression say, “I hope the best for you.” –And then to follow up on that by letting them go first, have the better seat or piece, or by rejoicing when they get the promotion, acclaim, credit, or opportunity that we’d hoped for.

What really, then, is this command telling us? It is telling us that all we need is to keep our eye upon Christ’s face. What is His expression toward us? Is He pleased –or grieved? This is determined by whether or not we’ve kept our ear to His voice –His voice which comes through His Word and through His Spirit. And that concerning others, we have no reason or need to do what they desire for us to do, think, or say –or not do, think, or say. For we are to do everything as unto the Lord, not unto men.

We can, and should, consider the words and attitudes of others; however, those of us with the Spirit, will check it first by Him, and He will let us know if their words or attitudes are one of His confirmations –or not. Often others’ expectations, attitude, advice, and words are not from the Lord at all and are instead promoted by the evil one to discourage us (though this is not always true, as God has sometimes used the most unlikely sources to correct us, such as Balaam’s donkey in Num. 22:28.)

Well, here’s just a few things, for starters, that the Lord calls almost all of us to do heartily and fervently as unto Him: Evangelize, love, pray, intercede, rejoice with thanksgiving, praise and worship… smile, listen, help, write, warn… and shine Christ Jesus out from us with a humble and non-judgmental attitude… while presenting Truth, the Gospel, instructions and warnings from God’s Word… all in perfect Christ-likeness.

As Col. 3:24 then finishes: “… since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Truly, even the harsh boss, the insensitive friend, the rude cashier… if we look at them and say, “Oh, this is Jesus! And even if this person is not acting like Jesus, I will respond as if this person IS Jesus!” then life becomes a joy, we’ve obeyed God, and God is pleased with us.

This attitude and action is what is going to gain for us the promised inheritance of reward. And what is the best reward? –To simply please our King. –To hear Him say, “Servant… Child… Job WELL DONE!”

with love,

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